Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery - July 2011

Rhinoplasty surgery can be used to correct the external appearance of deviation, prominence, over projection, bumps and irregularities. Internal structures that affect more

Chin Augmentation - July 2010

Chin augmentation is a procedure to balance the facial structure in width and projection. This is often most evident in a profile view. Soft or weak chins, sagging skin and witches deformity can be corrected more

Taking years off your eyes - January 2010

The area around our eyes often reveals the first sign of ageing. Discover how a simple procedure on your eyelids can help turn back the clock. Our eyes are the windows to our soul, showing expression and. more

Who is injecting what into your face? - September 2009
Anti-wrinkle treatments include both muscle relaxing injections and filler injections. These work very differently. To relax the muscle, the product is taken up by the nerve terminal. more
Need a lift? - February 2009

Face and neck lift surgery has come a long way in recent years. But it’s important you understand both procedures before making any decisions. With age comes a loss of volume. more

Non-Surgical Chin and Cheek Implants - May 2005

Traditionally chin and cheek implants have been more solid materials such as bone or synthetic material. These operative procedures have been covered in previous articles. more

Facelifts - What you should expect - October 2008

Optimising the preoperative state of the skin and continuing after surgery definitely helps the long-term outcome and aids scar maturation. Lymph massage is also very helpful. more