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Breast Implant / Capsule Removal

The body naturally forms a scar or capsule around breast implants.  Over time this may harden and contract and may require removal.

Any prosthetic material inserted into the body is surrounded by scar tissue or a capsule. All scars contract and this also occurs with breast implants. Initially, the capsule feels firm, then becomes visible and finally may be tender or painful. The body may even deposit calcium into the capsule.

Contracting around the implant may cause them to distort, ridge or bulge. Once a capsule is causing symptoms, removal is recommended. It is best completely removed with the implants. At surgery, the implant can be left out or replaced with either a bigger or smaller implant. The breasts may also need to be lifted if some drooping (ptosis) has occurred. A small amount of breast tissue may also be removed with the capsule.

Following a medical complication with an implant some health funds and Medicare may contribute to the cost of replacement.

Surgery is usually performed in hospital under general anaesthetic. Drainage tubes may be required as there is usually a small amount of bleeding or ooze associated with surgery.

Recovery is proportional to the complexity and duration of surgery. At the time of consultation, the procedure, aftercare and recovery will be comprehensively explained. Dr Kippen will give you brochures to read as well as showing before and after photographs.

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