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Facial lines and wrinkles may make people look tired, angry or old. Small doses of anti wrinkle injections paralyses or weaken the muscles of facial expression. This prevents wrinkling of the overlying skin and may soften existing wrinkles giving a more youthful and relaxed appearance.

Anti-Wrinkle Injection Treatments

Only very tiny, safe, doses of anti wrinkle injections are required to paralyse or weaken the small, selected facial muscles. Without muscle contraction the overlying skin cannot wrinkle. This prevents wrinkling, softens existing wrinkles and may stop wrinkles from forming.

Anti wrinkle injections are one of the most commonly performed procedures worldwide and is considered very safe. Millions of procedures are performed every year and the trend is increasing. Injections are temporary.

The areas most commonly treated are frown lines, crows feet (wrinkles near the eyes), and brow lines (forehead). The skin is prepared and cleaned. Using very fine, very sharp needles, the tiny dose is injected. Discomfort is only slight (comparable to acupuncture), is of short duration and the entire procedure takes a few minutes. Afterwards some pressure is applied to limit swelling or bruising. You are encouraged to use the muscles actively to help uptake.

Results and Side Effects

Anti wrinkle injections take about a week before they works. They lasts between three and six months and will then need to be repeated. It is felt that with repeat treatments the time interval between treatments may increase.

With any injection technique there is a small chance of some bruising, swelling and redness but these are all temporary. Headaches can occur and are related to the injection not the anti wrinkle medication. An additional potential side effect is drooping of the upper lids, which is rare and is temporary and can be treated with eye-drops.

Pricing and Additional Benefits

There are two methods of charging for the treatment. Some practitioners charge a set amount per area treated. Dr Kippen prefers to charge per unit used, which allows a dose specific to your requirements – you only pay for the amount that you require. As an example, men, in general, require larger doses.

Interestingly, migraine sufferers have been noted to have a decrease in the incidence, duration and frequency of headaches after anti wrinkle injections. Substantiated by research, it was initially thought to be due to relaxing the tension muscles but it is now also thought that there is a role directly on the pain receptors.

Excessive sweating, particularly in the armpits, can also be treated. The nerve endings for sweat glands use the same chemical mediators as those for muscle activation, Here the treatment works by preventing sweat glands from releasing perspiration. When used for sweating the treatment lasts much longer, sometimes for up to a year.

In summary, anti wrinkle injections are a commonly performed procedure that is safe and very effective.

Consultation with Dr John Kippen

This is a brief introduction about this procedure. At the time of consultation, Dr Kippen will give a far more comprehensive explanation. He will explain how anti wrinkle injections work, assess your suitability for the procedure, exclude contra-indications and examine your skin and underlying muscles. He will give you brochures and information sheets to read as well as showing before and after photographs.

You should read the information presented here in conjunction with the information contained on the Frequently Asked Questions page of the website.

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