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Inverted nipples are common and can be surgically corrected.

A full medical and breast history review and examination are important. Recent onset nipple retraction may be associated with underlying breast disease and this needs to be fully assessed which includes fully examining the breast and axilla or armpit.

Retractile nipples may be inverted at times but corrected and more normal at others. Inverted nipples remain inverted. In the breast there are 12-20 ducts that open independently onto the nipple. One cause of inverted nipples is the retraction or shortening of these ducts.

Surgical Techniques

There are many techniques to correct nipple inversion. To improve the chances of breastfeeding the fibrous tissue between the ducts may need to be removed which preserves duct integrity and increases the likelihood of breastfeeding. Other techniques may require cutting of the ducts to release the shortening.

Risks and Recurrence of Surgery

There is an incidence of recurrence after surgery and the general risks of surgery apply. Specific risks with inverted nipple correction include the inability to breastfeed, and altered nipple sensation.

Surgery is usually performed as a day surgery procedure and can be performed under general or twilight anaesthetic.

Consultation with Dr John Kippen

At the time of consultation, Dr Kippen will comprehensively explain the procedure and show you photos of outcomes. Post operative wound care will be carefully explained. He will give you brochures to read as well as showing before and after photographs.

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