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Wrinkle Treatments

There are two main groups of wrinkles – those in response to muscle action (dynamic wrinkles) and those present at rest (static wrinkles).

Areas commonly treated are the brows, frown lines, eye and nose wrinkles. With multiple wrinkle treatments and injectibles available, it is important that in consultation with Dr Kippen, the ideal product is chosen for your skin type and wrinkle pattern.

To treat the dynamic wrinkles, the underlying muscle causing the wrinkles is weakened or paralysed. This prevents the wrinkling from occurring and may prevent them from forming. Preparations are injected into the muscle using a very fine, sharp needle and effects are normally seen within one week. Most preparations last between 4 and 6 months.

Once a static wrinkle has developed it will be there whether the muscle contracts or not. In these cases, it is necessary to plump up or fill these wrinkles. There are multiple products available; they are either synthetic (man made) or from animal protein and can be temporary or permanent..

Dr Kippen with explain the risks and benefits of each treatment and he will also give you brochures to read as well as showing before and after photographs.

This is a brief introduction. At the time of consultation, Dr Kippen will give a far more comprehensive explanation of the procedure and likely recovery. He will give you brochures to read as well as showing before and after photographs.

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