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Excess tissue in the inner lips (labia minora) of the vulva can interfere with everyday activities. Labioplasty is a surgical procedure to carefully reshape this tissue.

Excess labial tissue can interfere with daily living, choice of clothes, sporting activity and sexual activity and can make women feel very self conscious. The amount of tissue is variable and often unequal between the sides.

There are many surgical procedures to remove labial tissue. Care must be taken in positioning the scars to prevent scar sensitivity. Skin excess near the clitoris and clitoral hood can be carefully resected and removed to avoid any change in sensation.

Labial tissue is soft and careful postoperative care is essential to avoid complications.  Swelling and bruising are common and a temporary overnight catheter to drain the bladder may be used. Pain is variable and is well controlled with tablets, and dissolving stitches that don’t require removal are used. After the procedure detailed instructions on bathing and personal hygiene will be explained.

At the time of consultation Dr Kippen will detail the procedure and outcomes.  Photographs and brochures will help with this explanation and enhance your understanding of the procedure and outcomes.

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