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Brachioplasty or armlift surgery can address skin and fatty tissue in the upper arms.

With age and weight loss there may be an accumulation of upper arm skin and fatty tissue which is usually loose and floppy.

Armlift Surgery Procedure

Where the overlying skin has good elasticity, the fatty tissue can be removed by liposuction and the skin can then take up and re-drape. Once there is excess skin, however, it needs to be excised or cut out. This will leave a fairly long scar positioned along the inner or posterior (back) surface of the upper arm, it may extend into the armpit or axilla. Through these incisions both fatty tissue and skin are removed.

After surgery wound care is explained. Bruising and swelling are common but occur to a variable degree. Swelling may involve the hands and numbness may occur; however, in general wounds heal well. It is best to have the procedure at your ideal and stable weight as a gain of weight or loss of weight will affect the outcome.

Consultation with Dr John Kippen

At the time of consultation a full and detailed explanation will be discussed. A thorough examination optimises your outcome.

This is a brief introduction. At the time of consultation, Dr Kippen will give a far more comprehensive explanation of the procedure and likely recovery. He will give you brochures to read as well as showing before and after photographs.

You should read the information presented here in conjunction with the information contained on the Frequently Asked Questions page of the website

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